Rosenberg Gallery

The Rosenberg Gallery is located in the lobby of the Kraushaar Auditorium, a 900+ seat theater, and the 223-seat Merrick Hall. Art exhibits have been mounted here since 1962, and the gallery was renovated and renamed the Rosenberg Gallery in 1982, after Ruth Blaustein Rosenberg, Goucher Class of 1921. Operated under the auspices of Goucher's Art and Art History Department, the gallery presents five exhibits each academic year.

Shows are selected around a central theme or concept. On occasion, exhibits are presented in conjunction with some other activity on campus, such as a concert, performance, or symposium. Where appropriate, the gallery collaborates with other academic departments to present multi-disciplinary public programs. This is in keeping with the gallery's goal of expanding the audience for contemporary art and the philosophy that art is an enterprise connected to other areas of human inquiry and to the concerns of all people, not just to connoisseurs and specialists.

We are committed to exhibiting the work of artists who do not have the opportunity to have solo showings in commercial galleries in Baltimore, with a special interest in providing opportunities for artists who are women, members of ethnic or racial minorities, or who live in rural areas of Maryland.

The gallery frequently exhibits artists from other parts of our region alongside Baltimore-area artists to help bring these artistic communities closer together and to promote exchange of ideas and information. Artists using innovative and unfamiliar techniques and artists whose work addresses contemporary concerns, both aesthetically and in terms of content, are given a chance to reach a broader audience, and in turn, the audience is given a chance to expand its understanding and awareness of contemporary art. For students, the gallery activities are a component of a liberal education, providing a place to learn about contemporary art and meet working artists.

The Rosenberg Gallery program is funded with the assistance of grants from the Maryland State Arts Council, an agency funded by the State of Maryland and the NEA and the Baltimore County Commission on the Arts and Sciences.


Current Exhibit

Relics of Industry, Nature as Sanctuary


Exhibit Dates: February 28 to April 9 (Please note Goucher College will be closed March 17-25 for spring break)

Rose Anderson gathers photographic specimens while searching wild, untouched places for whispers of humanity in nature. She combines moments captured in different times and places to illustrate a story outside the time, space, and social constructs that enclose the human narrative. Her work imagines a world in which all of today's conversations have gone silent, and non-human characters have usurped human roles.

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