Common Hour

At Goucher, community matters. We know that relationships are a prerequisite for learning, the central motivators of the student experience, and often the most treasured results of college. That's why we've set aside a time each Wednesday from 1:15-2:30 p.m. for the Common Hour – a time where students, faculty, and staff come together as a community to discuss ideas, support one another, engage in conversation, and participate in activities.

  • No classes are scheduled during this time
  • No other organized meeting, course, or student-activities are to be scheduled on the fourth Wednesday of the month

Spring 2018 Common Hour Schedule

  • Events that further the Community theme
  • “Community Circle” series: students, faculty, and staff fill out an online matching survey with hobbies/passions/interests; then gather in small groups around those hobbies/passions/interests during Common Hours and at other times
  • Community Principles revisions – updates and opportunities to get input

January 31 – Community-Wide Event: Community Theme Opening Event (Athenaeum Forum)

February 7 - Open Faculty meeting (Kelley Lecture Hall)

                     - Student Involvement Fair (Athenaeum Forum)

February 14 – Student Focused Event -- #MeToo panel (Athenaeum Forum)

                       – Center meetings

 February 21 – First meetings of Community Circles (various locations)

 February 28 – Community-Wide Event: Community Conversation and Panel on the History of

Goucher’s Land (Athenaeum Forum)

 March 7 – Open Faculty Meeting (Merrick Lecture Hall)

 March 14 – Community Circle meetings (various locations)

                   – Center meetings  

 March 21 –  Spring Break

 March 28 – Community-Wide Event: Majors and Minors Fair (Athenaeum Forum)

 April 4 – Open Faculty Meeting (Merrick Lecture Hall)

 April 11 – Community Circle meetings (various locations)

                – Center meetings  

 April 18 – Community Circle meetings (various locations)

 April 25 – Community-Wide Event: Community Circles Fair (Athenaeum Forum)

 May 2 – Open Faculty Meeting (Merrick Lecture Hall)

 May 9 – Center meetings

 May 16 – Reading day; No Common Hour

Submit a Common Hour Proposal

If you'd like to host a Common Hour event, please fill out this form. The Common Hour selection committee, which is comprised of students, faculty, and staff will determine which events get selected for Common Hours which occur on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month.