ChooseWhy Choose This Program?

Why Study Premedical/Pre-Health at Goucher?

The Premedical/Pre-Health program at Goucher provides the comprehensive coursework and scientific background necessary for professional and graduate school in the health professions, including Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Podiatric Medicine, Optometry, Physician Assistant, Doctorate in Pharmacy and Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  At Goucher we value the academic discipline and problem-solving skills necessary for careers that require life-long learning.

LearnWhat Will You Learn?

What Will You Learn?

You can apply to medical school with almost any major, as long as you meet the minimum requirements. However, medical schools do expect applicants to perform extremely well in science courses. The smaller the number of science courses, the more weight that each individual science course carries.

Many students interested in medicine major in the sciences because of their intellectual curiosity in this area, and the course requirements for medical school align well with a biology or chemistry major. Nationwide, approximately 60% of people in medical schools have biology degrees, 25-30% have chemistry or engineering degrees, and the remaining 10-15% have humanities and social sciences degrees.

DoWhat Will You Do?

What Will You Do?

Goucher successfully places our students into professional schools at rates two or three times the national average. After graduation, many attend top medical schools such as University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine, George Washington University School of Medicine, Georgetown University School of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Alpert Medical School at Brown University, Penn State College of Medicine, and Temple University School of Medicine. Others embark on successful careers in a broad range of specializations.


Major & Minor Program Contacts
Pre-Health (Pre-Med, Pre-Dental, Physical therapy, Pre-Vet, other allied health): George Delahunty

Full-Time & Half-Time Faculty
George Delahunty, Lilian Welsh Professor of Biology: physiology and endocrinology

Part-Time Faculty
Amer Al-khouja, Jian Su, Lauren C. Suarez, Ryan VanYperin

Instructional Staff
Jacqueline Andrews, Senior Laboratory Instructor in Biology

Study Abroad

By studying abroad, choosing three-week intensive courses led by Goucher faculty or semester programs suited to their academic plans, Goucher students in the Premedical/Pre-Health Studies Program gain a global perspective that enhances their course of study. Visit the Office of International Studies website for more information.

Opportunities & Internships

Extracurricular field experience complements the knowledge you're acquiring in class, keeps you inspired, and strengthens your professional school application. As a matter of fact, successful candidates to professional schools always have at least 100 hours of volunteer and internship experience in the areas they wish to pursue. That's why Goucher affords you abundant opportunities to get it.

For premedical students, our location just outside of Baltimore puts us in close proximity to some of the most outstanding hospitals and clinics in the nation, and we've developed long, fruitful relationships with nearly all of them.

For those students interested in dentistry, we can help arrange an internship at the University of Maryland Dental School.

Students interested in veterinary medicine have worked in a wide variety of veterinary practices in the Baltimore area.

For more information on internships, careers, and other opportunities, please see the student resources page.

Premedical/Pre-Health Student Resources


Internships help students explore possibilities, apply classroom learning, and gain experience. Explore internships and credit options.

Student Employment

Student employment connects students to both on and off-campus opportunities. The Career Education Office provides resources and support to students with or without Federal Work Study to find jobs, submit applications, and learn more about the job search process. Students have access to Goucher Recruit — an online site for job postings and job fair events.

Major & Career Exploration

Exploring career options, choosing a major, and making career decisions is a multi-step process in which all students are encouraged to engage early and often. Goucher students have a variety of resources available through the Majors and Career page to assist them in this process.

Job Search

A Goucher education prepares students for today’s job market and beyond. Students can explore job opportunities and access job search resources through the CEO Job Search page.

Graduate & Professional School

Students access resources for searching and applying to graduate and professional school through the CEO Graduate and Professional School page, through faculty and staff members, or utilizing their own resources, network and tools.