ChooseWhy Choose This Program?

Why Study Russian at Goucher?

The Goucher College-Johns Hopkins University Cooperative Program in Russian Language and Literature was founded in 1970 and is the only program in the Baltimore area that offers advanced work in Russian. It is a rigorous, hands-on program with a high percentage of minors and majors at both campuses.

LearnWhat Will You Learn?

What Will You Learn?

Undergraduate and graduate students complete the program with a core of linguistic, literary, and cultural knowledge, but courses also can be tailored to fit students' needs. Russian Tables featuring Russian guests allows students to practice oral language skills. In addition, Student-volunteers help out with translation projects involving collections of avant-garde periodicals, and at performances/exhibits of local Russian artists/actors.

DoWhat Will You Do?

What Will You Do?

Our students connect deep understanding and exploration of language with broad, interdisciplinary study and practice through study abroad, service learning, and internship opportunities. After graduation, many attend top graduate programs such as at Georgetown University and George Washington University, while others embark on careers in government, health care, nonprofit and non-governmental organizations, translation, foreign service, civil service, journalism, human resources, social work, and theatre.

Course Curriculum


Major & Minor Program Contacts
Russian/Russian Studies Major: Olya Samilenko

Full-Time & Half-Time Faculty
Annalisa Czeczulin, Assistant professor of Russian

Olya Samilenko, Associate professor of Russian

Professor Emeritus or Emerita or Emeriti
Rudi Lentulay, Associate Professor of Russian


Study Abroad

By studying abroad, choosing 3-week intensive courses led by Goucher faculty or semester programs suited to their academic plans, Goucher language students gain a global perspective that enhances their course of study. Visit the Office of International Studies website for more information. Russian study abroad options include:

  • ACTR (American Council of Teachers of Russian) Summer, Semester, Year programs in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladimir Russia
  • Bard-Smolny  Summer, Semester, Year program in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • America House in Vladimir, Russia

Office of International Studies

Opportunities & Internships



Internships help students explore possibilities, apply classroom learning, and gain experience. Explore internships and credit options.

Russian internships geared to student's interests are available through ACTR, Bard-Smolny, and Vladimir House, which offers students the opportunity to teach English to Russian speakers of all levels. Locally, an on-going oral history project led by Father Dornic at Lemko House in Baltimore is an internship designed for students with Advanced Russian skills. Community outreach initiatives offer opportunities with Russian-speaking children. The Hillwood Museum internship helps Russian students combine their interest in Russian language and art, while internships in Washington/Capitol Hill offer students interested in pursuing a career in Russian language and politics. NSA is again recruiting students with Russian language skills. Alumni/ae have also chosen to pursue graduate study of Russian literature.

Student Employment

Student employment connects students to both on and off-campus opportunities. The Career Education Office provides resources and support to students with or without Federal Work Study to find jobs, submit applications, and learn more about the job search process. Students have access to Goucher Recruit — an online site for job postings and job fair events.

Major & Career Exploration

Exploring career options, choosing a major, and making career decisions is a multi-step process in which all students are encouraged to engage early and often. Goucher students have a variety of resources available through the Majors and Career page to assist them in this process.

Job Search

A Goucher education prepares students for today’s job market and beyond. Students can explore job opportunities and access job search resources through the CEO Job Search page.

Graduate & Professional School

Students access resources for searching and applying to graduate and professional school through the CEO Graduate and Professional School page, through faculty and staff members, or utilizing their own resources, network and tools.